Are you using the right Kitchen Utensil Set?

Yes, you read it right!
Wondering what is right kitchen utensil set?
Using cheap quality or wrong utensil set might lead to health-related issues.
Using the right utensils is as important as using the right kind of ingredients for cooking

If you use the wrong utensil for your cooking you are just deteriorating your health gradually.
Use of plastic utensils should be banned in your kitchen first because hot temperature food when mixed with plastic utensils or cutlery will make the food worse making it toxic by releasing some harmful chemicals into your food. This food when you consume it will result in risking your health

So it is advised to use stainless steel cutlery sets which are made with 100% stainless steel which do not harm your health
A right Kitchen Utensil Set should be made up of stainless steel that too with food-grade quality.

But why choose stainless steel Kitchen Utensil Set?

1. Hygiene:- After cooking or eating stainless steel utensils are easy to cleans & many products like soap, the liquid is available in the market to clean these utensils. These FMCG products highlight the issue of unhygienic with Oily utensils, thus stainless steel easy to check for oiliness than plastic or any other utensils.

2. Tradition:- Remember when you went to your native place & found many Copper or brass utensils which are in your homes since ages. Or how at marriage ceremony close relatives gift these utensils to bride & groom. The reason behind gifting these utensils was "Prosperity". In old times when there was no cars, Smartphones or 52" Ultra tv our forefathers used to keep these utensils as a Social status. Still, in many marriages, they put these utensils at the place of Marriage ceremonies. These utensils are also considered as holy as they carry water or they cook food, you will never see any Indian touching them with their feet.

3. Handling:- Indians always believe in long term investment & that is the reason every salaried or business person invest in LIC without exception. Steel utensils unlike copper or brass they don’t lose their shine overtime & they are easy to wash. After some time Copper & brass blackened if not washed properly & every year they need a wash. Stainless steel utensils don’t need much attention over time. Just use with scrubber & they are new!!! Indian people will always check the bottom of the steel glass before drinking & you better focus on the bottom of the glass while cleaning as this is the part which is hard to access & contains dirt over time.

4. Cooking tradition:- No matter how much Indians will be rich or modern they will always install the Gas stove in their kitchens as the base of Indian Cooking is food cooked on a fire. They will eat Pizzas, McDonalds or any other food which is cooked on ovens or Microwave ovens but at the end of the day, they will prefer everyday food which is cooked on the fire.
 Germanium or other utensils blackened on the Gas stove if you will increase the flame more than necessary. That is not issued with Steel.

Process of Stainless Steel Products:

  • Shapes products only use food-grade stainless steel which is not at all harmful to health.
  • Designed with the high quality 18/10 stainless steel interior
  • Dishwasher safe
  • This is purely made in India.
  • Easy to clean

Considering all these things shapes products use stainless steel for all kinds of utensils which is of 100% food-grade quality.

  • Nov 27, 2020
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