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Cutlery Sets usually consist of knives, spoons and forks that used to eat foods. The perfect and appropriate cutlery set not only makes a dinner party a custom and unique, but it also completes your kitchenware and enhances your dining experience. Whether it is an event held at your home or formal or casual event, an appropriate cutlery set adds a personal touch to any event. Cutlery Set Price can be quite high when it is of premium quality.

Let’s see what actually kitchen cutlery set consists of

Kitchen Cutlery set- The word cutlery refers to kitchen implement used for cutting and eating. Therefore, kitchen cutlery set comprises majorly of spoon, fork and knife which are the tools used for cutting and eating food.

Spoons-The spoon is a type of cutlery that is used primarily for serving and transferring food from plates to the mouth. You can also use spoons to measure, stir and mix ingredients.

Teaspoon- this spoon is mostly used to stir coffee, tea, soups and cereals.

Soupspoon- This is used for consuming soup. Some have a round bowl shape while others come in an oval shape.

Coffee Spoon- This is quite small if not the smallest type of spoon. It is used to add sugar and stir a coffee.

Fork- A fork is a type of cutlery consisting of handles with several narrow tines on an end. It is usually used to lift food to the mouth or used to hold ingredients in place while cutting with a knife. Forks are placed on the left hands while eating on a dining table.

Salad Fork- the fork is used to eat salad. It is 6 inches long, large, as three prongs. The outer and inner tines do not match as the outer tines are usually wider and longer than the inner tines.

Dessert Forks- Similar in appearance to salad forks, measuring six to seven inches in length, the dessert forks are used for eating cakes, pies and pastries that follow dinner. It is placed next to the dessert plate or above the dinner plate.

Knife-  A knife is a tool with a cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with most having a handle. Some types of knives are used as utensils, including knives used at the dining table and knives used in the kitchen 

Butter Knife- The butter knife is the smallest of the lot (5 to 6 inches long), the edge does not have a sharp point but a rounded point so that it does not tear off the bread when spreading butter. The butter knife or butter spreader is usually kept on the bread plate

Dinner Knife- Dinner knife is used to cut and push food. The only exception is the use as a salad knife in a dinner when a salad knife is not provided.
All these different cutlery set prices can be quite expensive when you go to a premium store.
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