Do you know how you are affecting the environment by using disposable spoons and forks?

Yes, you heard it right!
You are indirectly affecting the environment by using plastic spoons and forks!
Single-use plastic cutlery is known as disposable cutlery, where you use for once throw it after use.
The most common plastic cutlery is the straws, forks, plastic cups, plastic spoons and plastic spoons. These were thrown when not in use which will lead to plastic pollution and environmental degradation.

Environmental impact of Plastic Cutlery:

Degradation of the Environment: most of the chemicals released while producing this plastic cutlery is mostly harmful. Such as vinyl chloride and benzene which are carcinogenic. The usage of these cutlery leads to a huge amount of disposal of plastic, where the plastic is dumped leading to landfills. The plastic does not degrade as quickly as the paper does, this way you are directly harming the land which will lead to the release of toxic gases.

Water Pollution: when we use plastic cutlery and throw it away without getting it recycled, this trash may enter into the waterways such as oceans, seas and rivers making it worse.

Wildlife Endangerment: plastic cutlery is used everywhere and thrown it anywhere making it worse for the wild animals. When some animals try to eat them mistaking it as food, they might end up being choked or causing severe injuries. 

Human Health: Eating hot food with plastic cutlery might be harmful even for humans. It generally risks in developing kidney stones, breast cancers and hormonal imbalances. When plastic is used with hot temperature, toxins such as dioxin, Biphenyl A and Phthalates are released. We then consume it with our food which will eventually lead to health problems.

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  • Nov 27, 2020
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