How avoiding plastic made forks and spoons are good for the environment?

Plastic cutlery is widely used all around the world by restaurants and foodservice businesses. However, it wastes a lot of resources and is almost not recycled. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many reasons why you should not use forks and spoons of plastic. Here are some points which you must know,

  1. Pollution of Waterways

Fast joints offer fast foods in plastics. These are very easy to dispose of. Plastic food dishes, straws, forks, and spoons are packed together with this food which later consumers eat and then dispose of the unwanted. Almost 75% of the plastic used is thrown away even without being considered for recycling. They are not being put to other uses too.

People dispose of plastic cutlery in waterways such as oceans, rivers, and seas. This contaminates the waterways and later makes the matter worse.

  1. Endangers wildlife

Plastic cutlery is used almost everywhere and anywhere from the office to in or outdoor meetings. Also in outdoor activities such as camping or visiting game reserves. This means that food has to be homemade and packaged to ignore excessive costs for the trip. This can be even for a park.

At the end of the trip, these plastics wouldn't be repacked back to the travel bags for reuse. Also, they won't be washed for use again. They will be later disposed of in the same park or trip that has wildlife.

Wild animals might eat such items mistaking them for food, and end up being choked to death or causing severe injuries to their bodies. The consumption of plastics can clog up the stomachs of the animals if they don’t injure or cause their death. Thus, this is the way that wildlife will be in danger. We must know that plastics contain lots of chemical contaminants that are bio-accumulative. which can lead to the extinction of animals if they eat them.

  1. High carbon footprint

Even before it gets to the market, plastic forks and spoons have a lot of bad impacts. As there is a lot of energy and carbon that is emitted during their production. This leads to the addition of heat and carbon to the climate. This carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide, mixes with other greenhouse gases like methane. Thus, it ends up causing destructive climatic changes.

  1. Extinction of marine species

As discussed in 1st point when plastic comes into waterways it can endanger wildlife. Similarly, the presence of plastic cutlery on large water bodies reveals there is a cause of suffocation for marine life. Many species in marine waters depend on the circulation of air. This comes from the atmosphere and diffuses into the water. Plastic pollution ends up covering the water surface. Which leads to the impermeability of air to the water masses.

Also along with this, some plastic cutleries such as forks and spoons can be swallowed if mistaken for food by marine life which leads to death. Marine species can also eat some of these cutleries that can lead to suffocation.

  1. Degradation of the environment

The use of plastic cutlery leads to massive disposal of plastics leading to the filling of landfills. If derivatives are not clear on how to discard plastic cutlery after use, they can be seen to spread all over the streets which spoils the environment.

  1. Air pollution

Some people resort to burning the cutlery plastic waste, which later releases lots of toxins into the atmosphere. Such contaminated air for a long period of time can lead to a myriad of respiratory diseases for humans that can even be cancerous.

  1. Harmful to the health of humans

If plastics are used daily then risks of developing kidney stones, breast and liver cancers, reduced sperm count, and hormonal imbalances in humans increases. Even you should avoid eating hot meals on plastic crockery. As when plastics are exposed to high temperatures or heat, toxins such as dioxin, Biphenyl A, and Phthalates are some chemicals used to make plastic soft are released. They then get consumed with hot food. Later can cause harm to your health.

Therefore one should go with forks and spoons made of stainless steel. You can find environment-friendly pieces at Shapes Products and that too at an affordable price.

  • Jan 15, 2021
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