Frying pans are an extremely important piece of cookware in a household. They will help you to make absolutely lip-smacking delicious dishes without you needing to do deep frying using a lot of oil. A frying pan can be multifunctional and if you are buying a good frying pan, you might end up using it on a daily basis. Investing in a good frying pan is important as it will improve your cooking to an extent. You can cook almost everything using a frying pan. You can stir fry vegetables or you can sear meat.

How to choose the ideal frying pan?

  • Which material are you opting for? There are many different materials by which a frying pan is built. Use the materials that conduct heat very well. Good suggestions would be stainless steel, aluminium, copper and carbon steel. These materials heat up extremely fast and provide an even distribution of heat all throughout the pan to get even cooking all across. There are also frying pans available that have a mix of the above materials for increased benefits. Choosing a good material will help you get fast conduction, as well as the pan will be lightweight too.
  • Frying pan price. A frying pan should not be ridiculously expensive or extremely cheap. A good frying pan will be moderately priced. Usually, it is the material that decides the frying pan price. Getting a good quality frying pan does not mean that you need to shell out a lot of money but the specifications and the build are more important. You must go through different brands to choose the best one for your kitchen. Just a little effort will help you save a lot of money and the trouble to replace pans frequently.
  • Frying pan size. Depending on your requirement you should get an appropriate frying pan. A frying pan must not be extremely large as it will not ensure proper heat distribution. Surely, you will also need smaller ones as they help for a quick cook. Therefore get a frying pan set with two or three pans of different sizes. Since most of the work is done in a frying pan, you should invest your money in a frying pan set. You can also multitask when you have multiple frying pans or multiple different sizes.
  • Thickness is an important factor. An ideal frying pan will be quarter to half inch thick. If your frying pan is too thick, it will take a lot of time to conduct heat. If your frying pan is too thin, it will deplete quickly and burn your food. Therefore you must have a frying pan of ideal thickness. The sides of the frying pan should be thinner compared to the bottom of the pan. It will ensure proper heat distribution and faster cooking time too. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to thickness, so it will depend on how what purpose you are using it for.
  • Non-stick coating. One thing we underestimate is the durability of the non-stick coating. Non-stick frying pans will help in lesser oil consumption and will also ensure that your food does not stick to the bottom of the pan and you need not scrub too hard to clean your pan. You need not rake your frying pan with a spatula as there will be no food sticking to your pan. You can also use a lot less fats and oils to cook food. You can also cook without oil if you prefer to choose a lean way.
  • A frying pan with good handles and a lid. A frying pan needs good handles so that you do not have to worry about you burning your hands while cooking food. If you are opting for metal handles, make sure the handles are hollow so that there is not a lot of heat transfer. Metal handles are provided as few people prefer to start the cooking process on the stove and end the process in an oven. You can also get heat resistant silicone handles that do not heat up at all and help you to stir fry easily and gives you the flexibility to move around without using mitts. A good lid with a small vent will help you to cook with steam and will ensure everything is cooked to the centre.

These are the things that you need to consider before opting for a frying pan. Looking for multiple brands before buying will ensure that you pick the best frying pan that is durable. A little effort will help you to save money as well as pick a good choice for yourself. Cooking should be an enjoyable process and not a burden. Having proper utensils helps a great deal to make everything seamless and faster.

  • Feb 25, 2021
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