Preparation before cooking usually takes a lot of time that we do not even realize. It is considered to be the harder part than cooking. Usually, most of the women out there just get not equipped with the most useful Kitchen Utensils. Having proper kitchen utensils with good quality will at least cut down the prep time by half. There are a lot of kitchen tools and utensils that most of us don’t even know about.
Usually, we forget that they play a vital role in the process. One of the most useful utensils is the mixing bowls. We tend to not buy them because they seem really basic and therefore gravitate towards the bowls we have at home. Mixing bowls are deep and a little round to give you the grip you need especially while kneading dough. One bowl has multiple different uses. You can whip up a cake batter or knead dough or mix salad in the bowl. The glass ones are used for the refrigeration purpose to main the temperature especially while whipping up cream or cold butter. Metal bowls get to room temperature really quickly.
A baking tin is also an important utensil that most of our kitchens lack. A baking tin will always ensure that when the care is baked the heat distribution is even. Using a normal oven-safe bowl will not give the same result as a baking tin. The cakes usually that we bake at home sink down and create a crater because the heat is not properly supplied to it. An ideal cake should have a dome and not sink down and create a crater.
Measuring cups and spoons are important when you want to follow a recipe. Yes, eyeballing can create some marvellous results but while following someone else’s recipe it becomes a task. We need measuring cups, especially while baking as baking is somewhat more technical than cooking on an open flame. Measuring cups also help us to generalize the amount that is being baked or cooked. For the first few times, it becomes trial and error with measurement but gradually you will get used the measuring cup system. There are many variants to measuring cups like stainless steel ones or the plastic ones or the silicone ones or the glass ones.
Storage jars are one thing that you should never fall short. Airtight storage jars are very important and they help in preserving grains, seeds, lentils and flour. They will ensure that there is no moisture that gets inside and gives a long shelf life to the ingredients. You can also store biscuits and pickles for as long as you want. There are various variants in the storage jars. Prefer glass or transparent ones because they are see-through which will make sure that you don’t go searching by opening lids of all the containers.
  • Dec 07, 2020
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