The reason why people do not like cooking at all is because of all the messy prep work one has to do. There are so many tools that can the potential to cut down many steps and make your work extremely easy to make your cooking process an enjoyable one. With proper kitchen tools, one can not only make the work easier but also reduce a lot of significant amount of prep time. Shell out some money and get some good quality kitchen tools as they can last you for an eternity.

Here are the top 5 kitchen tools that one must own:

Good sharp Knives: Any prepping always starts with a knife and getting good quality knives is very important if you do not want any speed breakers on your road of cooking. There are different kinds of knives for different purposes. Get at least three different sized knives so that you can use a particular knife for different purposes. A knife should be made of stainless steel and must be very sturdy. The grip of the knife is also a very important factor. A great knife can be described as lightweight but sturdy. A good knife is the most important kitchen tool.

A great peeler: A great peeler can do wonders in saving the amount of prep time that goes into making a dish. A good peeler is the one that only peels the skin off and does not chop off huge chunks of vegetables. You can also peel with a knife but either it will take huge chunks off of the vegetable or take a lot of time and precision. A peeler with a smooth, yet sharp head is preferable. Do not buy a peeler with ridges on the head as it will take off a lot of the portion of the vegetable including the superficial layer. Save time as a lot of vegetable with a good peeler. A sturdy grip is also very important for a peeler. If the grip is feeble, your peeler might just break.

A sturdy chopping board: If you want to make your life simpler and not create a mess, you must opt for a good chopping board. They come in various materials and textures. A chopping board must be lightweight and sturdy too. It should have the capacity of taking pressure as few vegetables need that extra push to dice properly. You can avoid a lot of cleaning just by using a chopping board. You can get them in multiple sizes and you can select the perfect size depending on your usage. People usually chop in their dining plates which lead to a lot of scratches on the plates and the plates look dirty after a while. Therefore the chopping board is quintessential.

Measuring Cups and spoons: Measuring cups and spoons are kitchen utensils not only required for bakers out there but also for the cook who want to try out new recipes. These come extremely handy when you try recipes from books or the internet. You can get them in various materials like stainless steel or plastic in a kitchen utensil set. Get the entire measuring set which starts from a teaspoon to a cup’s measure. It will also give you a rough idea about how many servings are you getting out of a cup’s measure and you need not worry when guests come over. Now you can stop guessing and second-guessing about how much sugar you need to put into your pudding.

A fine grater and a zester: Grating reduces the cooking time significantly as the surface area of the ingredient increases. It is usually cheese that needs grating but many different dishes also require you to grate vegetables to make the dish look more vibrant and wholesome. Adding lemon zest or orange zest to dishes ties the dish together and brings out a lot of flavour. Getting a stainless steel grater and zester will help you a lot and you will not have to use knives and do all the precision work. Usually one has to add the zest at the end of the dish which makes the best cooks run around in the kitchen frantically. Save yourself from the trouble and get yourself the most ignored but important kitchen utility.

These are the top five kitchen tools and utilities that one must have in their house. Time is precious. Do not waste your time on just prepping up for the dish but give more importance to how you cook a dish. Your efficiency in the kitchen will improve drastically when you use these kitchen tools. Cooking should be fun and not actually a burden. You can save a lot of time and patience by just having the above-mentioned kitchen tools.

  • Feb 19, 2021
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