Best for your Skin

We brought a solution to the best skin care around, naturally. Create with a lot of Love n’ Care.

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No Toxic

Safe n’ Lab

Great quality requires great infrastructure

Shapes is one of the leading brands in cutlery, cookware and kitchenware, with over 400 products spanning over 30 product categories. With a pan India presence at retail outlets, modern retail stores, ecommerce platforms like amazon, flipkart etc. and of course on our own company website, our products are being used extensively by over XX happy households, hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

While we take pride in the smiles and testimonials of our happy customers, all this would not have been possible without a sound backend setup, quality processes, and an extremely passionate and dedicated team, all of which are the lifeline behind our brand promise.

The Company has five state-of-the-art manufacturing units, out of which 3 are located in the Industrial Area of Wazirpur, Delhi, the hub of stainless steel market; one factory in Badli Industrial Area and one new factory of 50,000 sq. feet in Kundli (Haryana) with 14 Big Double Action Presses, in-house stainless-steel sheets rolling machine, 55 Friction and Power Presses, 2 Automatic Polish Plants and many other ancillary machines. 

Our manufacturing units have the combined production capacity of over 400 tonnes of quality stainless steel products on a monthly basis, which helps us to handle a volume of 2 x 40′ containers a day.

What this means is, that we can fulfil large orders seamlessly, consistently, without any break in your delivery or service timelines, and with the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from us.
That’s not all! With our in-house facility of a complete tool room, the Company is not only engaged in constant innovations and R&D, but also in ensuring that new designs are developed with a minimum lead-time.