Shapes Imporio Gadget Set (Garlic Press & Cheese Slicer)


Shapes Imporio Gadget Set (Garlic Press & Cheese Slicer)


Make quick work of chopping garlic cloves with Shapes garlic press. Simply insert a clove or two into the well, flip the handles together, and press down firmly–out through the holes comes your freshly chopped garlic. Cleanup’s a breeze since nothing sticks to the polished stainless steel, and the handy brush quickly pushes out any garlic still stuck in the holes. You won’t want to lose this little brush, so for storage, simply clip the brush to the press mechanism and fold the press closed. We represent beautiful, smart products for cheese. This practical cheese slicer has a thin, flexible blade and a sharp cutting edge. As a result, you can easily cut fresh, thin slices with even more flavor. A fresh slice tastes better, because when sliced it get’s in contact with oxygen. Just like wine. Enjoy! A soft handle absorbs pressure so your hands don?t have to. Feel the essence of elite range of products for your home and kitchen needs. Imporio series will bring eliteness in your kitchen. A perfect tool who have a passion for cooking. Imporio series made of high quality without compromising safety measures. Simply place in the dishwasher for quick, easy clean-up. Add an elegant, classic touch to your kitchen table.

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