Shapes Imporio Can opener

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This appliance is here to help you make opening containers easy. Easy to use the design of this sturdy bottle opener and a tin cutter is cleverly done. The firm grip you get on the plastic handle as you open a bottle or a can ensures that your fingers don't slip. Even the most inexperienced person can now open things at ease. Lasts you long the materials used in this class virgin plastic bottle opener with tin cutter are durable and the device is sure to last you for years. It's going to be one of those items at home that's useful on a frequent basis and everyone fondly turns to for a long time. Great for parties the party host in you can now relax a bit. The sharp tin cutter helps to easily open up all the food cans while the trusty bottle opener does the honors for all the bottles of different drinks. this is one device that will stay within reach throughout the party and help the night go on uninterrupted.