Fox Run 10" Tongs 5255 / 5256 (Genuine Imported Products from USA)

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This is a 10 inch long handle tong. This is very different from the normal tong we use at our homes. This is multi purpose tong from which we can also flip the food and pick hot utensils. Due to its long handle it avoids burning of hands. It comes in 12 inch size also. This is a very essential household item for our kitchen. These tongs have PVC Coated rubber handle which is very comfortable to handle and avoid spills. They are dishwasher safe. This Scissors tongs with Plastic Silicone Handle is a handy tool for any kitchen. Sturdy and comfortable handles. Easy to use and clean. Non-stick surface. The Unique Steel Tipped Head Grabs The Full Length Of The Tips For A Better Grip, Even The Most Difficult Of Grilled Foods. These Tongs Are Good Partners Of Barbeque .It help to Turn, Lift And Remove Food Safely And Comfortably From The Grill.