Fox Run Salad Cutter Bowl (Genuine Imported Products from USA)

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Kitchenware 1 PC Plastic Multipurpose-Strainer Bowl and Salad Cutter Bowl/Fruit Cutter Bowl/Vegetable Cutter Bowl You can cut all the Vegetables and Fruits in a bowl within 60 Seconds and get your salad ready. It is convenient to make healthy and delicious salad every day. How to Use:Just chop through the slots in one direction and then rotate the top for an ideal cut. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the bowl, just put it in the flowing water and the bowl is clean. You are now hence free from Cutting board and free from cleaning too many containers anymore. And no need to worry about cutting your finger anymore.The bowl can be used as a strainer, with which you can wash all fruits and vegetables together. You can even cross cut just spin the strainer and slice your fruit or vegetable smaller.