Outset Double Wall Drink Tumblers (Genuine Imported Products from USA)

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High Quality Copper tumbler for Everyday Use, made from copper, the Copper tumbler is an ideal solution for your daily water drinking needs. Copper is a powerful anti-oxidant and has several health benefits ranging from weight loss, brain stimulation, anti-ageing properties and more. Copper imparts its own taste and nutrients to beverages while keeping toxic chemicals away. With these benefits in an attractive design, the Copper tumbler is the perfect water storing solution at home, at office or on outdoor trips. Durable Quality, Built to Last, Featuring anti-corrosive properties. The Copper tumbler is built to last for a long time even with regular use. Its sturdy exterior is built to with stand extreme temperature fluctuations without affecting its physical properties. Having undergone strenuous tests, this tumbler is fit for daily use and safe for your entire family.