Koko - Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin/Plain Pedal Garbage Bin with Plastic Bucket for Kitchen, Bathroom and Office - 7 Litre

Product Code: KKPPB/7 Ltr.

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An ideal sized, compact dustbin for bathrooms, kitchens, and home office use, keep your space neat and clean! Stainless steel construction makes for a sturdy and durable bin for daily use and is a breeze to clean. Also features a removable inner bucket and a strong foot pedal making disposing waste hands free. You need not have to touch the bin to through the waste as by pressing the food peddle the lid opens to put the waste at all times. It is easy and covenient. This can be used for wet waste and off course dry waste of any type.The bucket inside is leak proof and can be removed so no need to take full dustbin to throw the waste, only take the basket. It is easily be cleaned by just throwing away the waste or even can be washed. Stylish and clean design will make a great addition to your home or office.


  • Stainless steel peddle bin is hands free opening bin with a foot pedal.Just by gently pressing the pedal it opens very smoothly and fully so that you can throw your waste easily inside it without touching it.Removable inner bucket for ultra-easy cleaning
  • SIZE: 8x12 inchs / 7 litre
  • It has a lid so there is no worry related to the smell escaping the bin. Convenient one side handle make the can easy carrying
  • Easy to wash,Scratch proof, Non breakable bin.Higher corrosion resistance ,ideal for any home and offices.
  • Can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and other places to use, versatile, durable, convenient and health. Multifunctional storage can, store waster paper in office; or used in high class hotel. Meeting your different needs.