Shapes Imporio Gadget Set(Can Opener & 9" Serving Tong)

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This appliance is here to help you make opening containers easy. Easy to use the design of this sturdy bottle opener and a tin cutter is cleverly done. Lasts you long the materials used in this class virgin plastic bottle opener with tin cutter are durable and the device is sure to last you for years. It's going to be one of those items at home that's useful on a frequent basis and everyone fondly turns to for a long time. Great for parties the party host in you can now relax a bit. The sharp tin cutter helps to easily open up all the food cans while the trusty bottle opener does the honors for all the bottles of different drinks. this is one device that will stay within reach throughout the party and help the night go on uninterrupted

Use these cooking tongs to turn hot food or cold food with ease while keeping your hands away from oil splatter and fire. 9" is perfect for kitchen task. These kitchen tongs are made of food level stainless steel, durable and like new forever. The spring that keeps the kitchen tongs open is super heavy duty and will open and close many times. A thumb rest allows your thumb to be in the perfect position to help guide the cooking tongs where they need to go. The tongs also come with a hanging loop, simply hang them with the hanging loop after use or put in the drawer when lock closed to save space. 

A soft handle absorbs pressure so your hands don’t have to. Feel the essence of elite range of products for your home and kitchen needs. Crystal elite series will bring eliteness in your kitchen. A perfect tool who have a passion for cooking. Crystal elite series made of high quality without compromising safety measures.

Simply place in the dishwasher for quick, easy clean-up. Add an elegant, classic touch to your kitchen table.