Koko - Stainless Steel Plain Pedal Dustbin/ Plain Pedal Garbage Bin with Plastic Bucket For Kitchen, Bathroom and Office - 5 litre (7x10)

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"Our Pedal Bins are used for keeping the waste like papers and office waste and other waste. As the name conveys Pedal bin- Its lid is Pedal Lid you just need to press on the pedal and bin will open. The best part about it is that you don't and never need to touch the bin. It comes with Black plastic bucket inside it which will have all the waste and the main advantage and use of this is that you don't need to take full dustbin out to throw the garbage, you just need to take black bucket to throw waste and will be inserted back after washing.. Available in various sizes, can be used with or without standard garbage bags. Common rooms, bathrooms bedrooms, under the desk etc are common usage areas Now a day's steel dustbins are used in every home because of its Long Lasting life, Modern Looks and Value for Money Deal. It is commonly used in offices, living areas and inside the rooms, Kitchen. It is made of high quality stainless steel and beautifully finished Special features: Premium Quality Raw Material,