Shapes is a professionally managed company with an experienced team leading its manufacturing, operations, finance, marketing and sales, Product design, Innovation and R&D, Logistics and Customer service.

The team is led by the brilliant stewardship of its two co-founders and directors, Ashish and Neha Jain.

Meet Our Founders


Ashish Jain, CEO

He has a rich experience of international markets and brings with him decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise of international quality standards and product design. He is obsessed with maintaining the highest quality standards for all products under the Shapes brand. He is also an active member of several industry and entrepreneur associations in India.

Neha Jain, Director

She is a certified Company Secretary and an active member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She oversees the finance, accounting, administration and marketing functions in the company, and is responsible to take Brand Shapes to new heights. She is hugely invested in technology accelerators for the brand website and ecommerce marketing.